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High Wing Flight Simulator GP01

Ultimate 4 axis simulator with unique suspended motion platform for GP ONE high wing ultralight UL/LSA aircraft

Basic information

  • Designed for GP ONE (or any other) high-wing single piston engine aircraft 

  • Suspended construction allows easy access to cockpit

  • Realistic simulation feeling respecting high-wing solution

  • Certifiable by EASA as BITD (Basic Instrument Training Device) by producer and up to FNTP I by its user 

  • Minimizing a training-related stress

  • Greater prestige of your flight school

  • Practicing emergency situations and procedures

  • Practicing students' habits in training

  • Real flight model

  • Real, fully functional instrument panel

  • All controls are fully functional

  • Delivered as self-installation

  • 24-month guarantee

  • Free technical support for 24 months

  • Visual scenery includes small and large airports

  • Optional installation of own airports

  • Large software support for designing own scenes

Technical data

  • Dimensions for transport: 2,57 (h) x 2,9 (l) x 1,61(w) m

  • Operation: 3,5 (w) x 4 (l) x 3,0 (h) m

  • Power source: 230 V Current: max 16 A

  • Weight: 430 Kg

  • Operation temperature: 15 – 30 °C

  • Storage temperature: 1 – 40°C (no water condensation)

  • Storage humidity: max 70%

  • Light conditions: darkened room

  • Motion platform: 4 DOF, 35 degrees,G-force max 2.24 G


  • Starting from 38.000 EUR to 49000 EUR depending on configuration and instruments to be simulated.

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