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FNPT II MD 500 Flight Simulator

This is a ground training facility based on a replica of the cockpit two-seater helicopter MD 500 with dual controls and a complete instrument panel. The device offers a generic aerodynamic model, model-board systems and emergencies (failures), according to the flight manual.


MD 500 FNPT II offers a mocap cabin on a fixed base, virtual instruments, simulation models and three-channel visualization systems (180 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically), 3D terrain and object databases, image generator and the 5 basic ICAO airports in Europe.


The device includes mocap cab mounted on a solid base, functional vertical and horizontal control mechanisms, including stress, panels, controls, fuses and switches. Sound system will simulate the sound of different phases of flight preparation to the individual phases, and will enable intercom communications, communications with air traffic controllers and possibly other cases required by applicable legislation for that type of device.


An integral part of the device is an integrated workplace instructor IOS with the possibility to monitor the ongoing flight, control panels, navigational situation and adjust emergencies and cases. IOS enables data entry, interrupt and reverse playback various phases of flight.

The simulator can be provided with a simulation of onboard weapon systems.  

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