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Upgrade of old full flight LETOV simulators to current modern level pursuant to EASA/FAA regulations (L-410, TL-28, TL-39) 


UPRT module upgrade 

Due to higher demand we having been recently experiencing we developed and implemented, along with many other systems, a UPRT module (Upset and Recovery Training module) for a FFS Letov simulator operated by our client Let's Fly company at Ostrava Mošnov airport without interfering with its functioning and systems. The subject of the upgrade consisted in HW implementation and development of SW for execution of scenarios according to UPRT and recording of flight data for debriefing. This upgrade was fully certified by Czech EASA inspectors.  

in addition to the UPRT module, we modernize the entire LETOV L-410, L-39 and L-28 simulators to comply with existing EASA regulations. The upgrade applies to all simulator systems, including the motion, hydraulics, visualization and software.

If you operate an old LETOV simulator and you wish to upgrade it, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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