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FNPT II FTD FFS simulator of LET L410 UVP-E20

FNPT II MCC/FTD Flight Simulator

L-410 UVP-E20


The Flight Simulator for LET-410 UVP-E20 aircraft represents a reliable and cost-effective flight training device. The system is designed for VFR/IFR training, cockpit procedures and conditional training, recurrent training and type rating. The simulator consists of realistic dual-seat pilot cockpit and of an instructor operating station. The cockpit can be modified under requirements of the customer and airplane version and modification from older version L410 UVP up to UVP-E20 versions provided with EFIS/glass cockpit certified from FNPT II MCC or FTD level by EASA/FAA authorities, collimated visualisation or standard 3 channel HD projection and many optional modules (TCAS, weather radar etc). 

Instructor operating station IOS

  • Simulated environment parameters 

  • Wind direction and speed

  • Aircraft systems failures control

  • Graphic flight track record include the NAV/COM situation of the area selected for navigation training or RWY surrounding area used for approach and descent training

  • File of pilots trained

  • Simulator systems check using test programs

  • Selection of aerodrome

  • Day/night/dusk visual conditions

  • Five Cloud’s layers (type of clouds,  fatness, wind speed and direction)

  • Visibility

  • Date and Time (it’s corresponded with day/night visual conditions, sunset, moon position and phase)

Building requirements

  • Required room space is 5,0m x 7,0m x 3,5m (width x length x height).

  • Sufficiently wide access corridors - enough room to move 2,25m x 2,25m x 2,5m box (width x length x height). Preferably operator can provide a plan copy of the room and the access to the room to evaluate, whether the material can be carried into room.

  • Access doors with at least 2,5 meter width and 2,5 meter height

  • Electrical protection circuit of the simulator will be connected to the main building bonding of the simulator in the distribution box.

  • Tolerance of the supply voltage of +/- 10% is allowed.

  • The installed peak power consumption of the simulator will be 10 kW.

  • The distribution system of the type 1+N+PE ~50Hz 230/TN‑S, or 1+PEN (N+PE) ~50Hz 230/TN-C‑S is required.

  • Temperature: +10 ° C - +25 ° C

  • Humidity: 20 % - 80 %, non-condensing

  • The light environment of the simulator room must be controllable



Let's Fly Ostrava, Mošnov Airport, CZ - FNPT II MCC and FTD

Zilina University of Transport, SK - FNPT II and FTD 

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