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FNPT II MCC simulator "Convertible"

FNTP II MCC Flight Simulator HiBIRD

Convertible (SEP, MEP, JET, TEP)


The LETOV Convertible 4 in 1 simulator provided with our very new software and flight mathematical models was developed to provide most modern, efficient and cost-effective pilot training. The 4-in-1 cockpit solution enables training for single piston engine, twin piston and turboprop and jet aircrafts.
This simulator has been recently manufactured and supplied to Polish Air Force Academy in Deblin and successfully certified by the Polish ULC as FNPT II MCC in compliance with EASA CS-FSTD (A) Issue II regulations. Of course, each flight model/aircraft (SEP, MEP, TEP, JET) was certified separately with its own certificate. 

Apart from regular systems, the simulator IOS is provided with Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) module to enable practising non-standard and emergency procedures. 

Our unique simulator combines 4 types of aircrafts

- SEP single piston engine (Beechcraft Bonanza)

- MEP twin piston engine (Beechcraft Baron)

- TEP turboprop (ATR-42)

- JET jet engine (XXX 737-800)

This flight simulator training device enables especially following training requirements:


  • CPL (A) / SEP (L)

  • IR (A) and IR ME / SEP (L) and MEP (L)

  • ATPL (A) / SEP (L) and MEP (L)

  • Night flight training

  • The device contains the following elements:

  • Static cockpit module

  • Display system and audio system

  • Instructor’s station

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