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Air defence mock-up and simulators for special forces

What is the scale of the involvement? For what kind of threats? And what is the time-frame? Anti-terrorism squads need to train exercies in real environment i.e. real aircraft with wings, lights, slides etc.


LETOV has developed full-scale aircraft simulators for defence and anti-terrorism training purposes. Our solution includes a real aircraft mockup which is provided with external lights, interior emergency lights, cockpit interior, smoke generation system, vent system, aircon units and integrated and remote control of all implemented systems, CCTV and separated IOS (instructor operating station).  

Smoke generation & Ventilation system 

Our solution includes our own SmokeGen units installed in overhead bins
vent shafts for aircraft ventilation and suction of generated smoke and other gases and their removal from the aircraft, it is separated logically into sections which can be independently operated from control boards (IOS). AirCon units are installed in turbofan gondolas and baggage compartments. 

Exterior & interior lightning

Our lightning systems includes emergency and regular cabin lightning (floor, ceiling, bins, cockpit), RWY, taxi, landing, position lights and anti-collision lights (beacon).

Instructor Operating Station (Control Panels)

The IOS has been developed by LETOV including its manufacturing and SW development. It controls all on-board systems (smoke generation, ventilation, lighting, air condition and sounds) and features with military grade push-button switches. It is ready for remote control.

Sound System

The aircraft is provided with external sound system to simulate sounds of engines and internal sound system to play different sounds and sound environments such cries of the hostages and the passengers on board, the shouts of the terrorists, the moans of the wounded, sounds of gunfire, that is, whatever the intervention commander wishes to play.  


ZLS LETOV Simulátory is a registered supplier of NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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