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We, ZALL LETOV Simulators, are a leading producer of aircraft simulators for Flight Schools, Aircrat Operators, Hobby & Private Pilots and Special Sectors of Aviation, based in Europe. We R&D, produce and sell large range of aircraft simulators incl. their customization towards clients needs. Our products are based on long-term experience in simulators production combined with high-tech knowledge. Thanks to cooperation with various industry partners and universities, we connect our products with technological news, academical background and provide you with exceptional quality and services worldwide. Our product portfolio includes all types of flight simulators ranged from BITD, FTD, FNPT II MCC up to FFS fully certified by EASA/FAA.

About Zall LETOV Simulators
100% Czech origin product
Large range of simulators
Relevant purchase & operating costs
  Past, History and Future

ZALL LETOV Simulators (ZALL LETOV Simulátory s.r.o.) combines more then 60 years of experience in R&D and production of simulator training systems. Customers in more than 30 different countries count on our quality and experience. 

Over Letov's history, over 500 simulators and other flight training devices have been produced. Our clients drive the company to provide the best possible quality of simulators and to be a leader in the competitive market. The company Zall Letov Simulátory s.r.o. belongs to a supranational group which includes Zair/Zall company from Wuhan, China, Zall Jihlavan Airplanes s.r.o., a respected light aircraft producer from Jihlava, Czech Republic, and a newly acquired XtremeAir from Germany, a producer of legendary acrobatic aircrafts with worldwide reputation

 Hot & Breaking News

Ostrava, July 2020

We just finished an upgrade of old analogue Full Flight Simulator L-410 and upgraded it to fully modern and digital one. Ostrava, Let's Fly Flight Aviation Centre, Mošnov Airport. Our engineers developed special tools and devices for transferring analogue into digital signal including Upset and Recovery Training module. Awarded with certification by Czech CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).  



Olomouc, Czech Republic, May 2020

In cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague and University of Defense in Brno, our company started a new R&D project of developing an artificial intelligence in flight simulators as a tool for pre-selection of commercial and military pilots within their training. Stay tuned... 


Visit of Czech Prime Minister!  

After Czech President Milos Zeman, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka visited our company Letov Simulatory producing top flight simulators!

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